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Reprieve by Vallis Alps

Vallis Alps lyrics Reprieve
Artist: Vallis Alps
EP: Vallis Alps (2015)


Lyrics for Reprieve by Vallis Alps

Coal and flame
Melting those ice hands
An air of mixed feelings
Beneath fallen ceilings.

Seal the gates
Before what's out is in
Or offer a treaty
A chance for reprieve.

Just let these tunnels cave
Just let this fire fade.

Maybe the sky'll break
We're just a lie away
From proving to ourselves we're not afraid.

And now
These silver screens, these scripted dreams
And now
We're suddenly
Fates latest casualties
Fates latest casualties
Fates latest casualties
Fates latest casualties.

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This song is part of album 'Vallis Alps'
Vallis Alps lyrics EP: Vallis Alps
Artist: Vallis Alps
Release: (2015)

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