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Forgive You by Vedera
Stages lyrics Song: Forgive You
Artist: Vedera
Album: Stages (2009)
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Use this time to step aside
And look around with your feeble eyes
Use this time to forget me
Use these days to lie awake
And feel the loss of my embrace
But don't use anymore of me

And how do you say
And how do you say
"I forgive you"?
And how do you know
And how do you know
When to choose to?
And when to move along?

Use your hands to feel the man
I gave my plan and off you went
To find someone new who is not me
Use your favorite photograph
To play the recent memory back
Are you still as cold as I am?

Well it started off a simple black and blue
Hidden behind the untrue
But now it's surfacing
I need to be released
From the love that was you
From the love that was you

Cause I want to say
And I want to say
"I forgive you"
And I want to know
And I want to know
When to choose to
And when to move along
And when to move along
Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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Stages lyrics Artist: Vedera
Album: Stages
Release: (2009)

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