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No Way Out by Vicetone
Vicetone lyrics Song: No Way Out
Artist: Vicetone

Lyrics for No Way Out by Vicetone

You, walk alone,
Every night in the dark
Walking forth every traits to your heart
Wanna fight where you were
Who you are tonight.

I'm stranded in
In a world full of dreams.
Out of time, out of luck, out of reach,
See the light, shinning in,
From your eyes tonight.

The storm is coming now
I'm your place to hide
I see you drowning now
Running for your live
We can slip away
Into goodtime
Follow me follow me
When there is no way out.

Why dying means
From the love to your soul
I'm the one, you can be calling home
Open door, feel the rush,
When you fade away.

Fly, fly away,
Ricochet, off the ground,
Find a place, where you are safe, in the clouds
When you last, I'm the light, which will guide
The way.

The storm is coming now,
I'm your place to hide,
I see you drowning now,
Running for your live
We can slip away
Into good times
Follow me, follow me,
When there is no way out... [x2]

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