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Here He Comes by Will Smith
Lost And Found lyrics Song: Here He Comes
Artist: Will Smith
Album: Lost And Found (2005)

Here he comes, he can rock
He can break dance and he can pop
He can rap, he can act
And if it comes down to it, he can scrap
Hey there... here comes big will again

Here I come ya'll, here I come ya'll
Watch yo' back ya'll, here I come ya'll
For years I been tryin to rip rhymes & get mine
Spit lines, hot like lava this time
I don't got a sitcom to bother with
Or a time conflict with my sci-fi hits
I'm contemplating each statement's wit
And I'm concentrating on making hits
And I'm fittin' em line by line
Teeth I grit & I'm tryin to find the perfect rhyme scheme
I'm dreamin' about ya'll gleamin, doubt
"He's back from actin, he's screaming out
How he practiced rap & now he's devout
Every album track packs what he's about
In the past he passed with passion, old fashioned"
Boldly mashing, totally crashing
Words up in a disorderly fashion
But back to the lab & guess what happened, kaboom!
(Ooh wee!) "dude's resilient!" fresh prince was hot,
The movies killed him, wait, hold up, stop! you can rebuild him
Lock him back in hip hop while dude's not filming
Shock by the film & the tv money, went from scenes with uncle phil
To scenes with sonny, so hard to break free from a guaranteed 20
But its done, so come see the mc, honey!



Everytime he touch the mic, he closes his eyes and he hope to shine
Then like a streak of light, they'd show his name, they'd be like, aaahhh!
... hey there, here comes big will again

.....here comes big will again
.....here comes big will again!!!

Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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Lost And Found lyrics Album: Lost And Found
Artist: Will Smith
Release: (2005)
  Here He Comes

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