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Over You by ZZ Top

La Futura lyrics Over You
Artist: ZZ Top
Album: La Futura (2012)


Lyrics for Over You by ZZ Top

A chili wind is blowing
And I'm all covered up
With despair and desperation
And it just won't let me up
It's come in time to face the truth
And somehow I got to find the strength to move
I gotta get up and get over you

Another dawn it breaking
And the people pass me by
And they don't know how hard I'm making
And there ain't no place to hide
I've got to find some resistance, forgetting your existence
I've got to get up and get over you

If I could have one more chance
With you by my side
You know I would take back that moment
When we said goodbye ooo yeah...

A chili wind is still blowing
And the sun it going down
And the streets are all in tears
And there not a soul around
It's coming time to face the truth
And it's so hard to say I i gotta to do
Somehow I got to get up and get over you
Ooh man ooo hey get over you hey get over you
I gotta get over you I gotta get over you ohhh...

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This song is part of album 'La Futura'

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