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I Promise You Love
Adam Josh Song Lyrics

Artist: Adam Josh


[Verse 1]
Let's get a house, with a big old porch
Red brick wash and an old wooden door
Put our hearts inside and mind the doorway
Always safe, my love is your home

[Verse 2]
Let's build a life, take on the world with you
It's our love that makes it all come true
Now here we are, the future blown wide open
You and I, together for life

Pre chorus -- I remember those times we weathered through
You promised a future, ready for two

I promise you love
The key to my heart
I promise you love
Let's never be apart
I promise you love
Forever and always
I promise you love, my jay...
Not just for today


[Verse 3]
Let's grow old, aged hands held tight
Look back at this - hah - and smile at life
Some never find their mated soul, lost forever
We built this life, a love together

[Pre chorus]


[Repeat chorus]

Home > Adam Josh > I Promise You Love

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