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The Circle
Adam Lambert Song Lyrics

Artist: Adam Lambert

You turn
Just to spite me
You run
Where I can not see
You walk
All over me
But you won't
You won't

You know
What you'll never be
You show
All your pleasantries
You'd love
To insight me
But you won't
No you won't

Everytime I hear the sound
Of footsteps walking up to my door
I turn around and I don't see your face
In mine anymore

The circle is now complete
The loser admits defeat
You're taking it by surprise
No one will realize

You want
What you can't posses
You love
For me to confess
You said
That you were the best
But you're not
No you're not

Turn the spinning wheel
And tell me I'll do it
It's nothing at all
Slipping through my fingers
Losing grip and I
Can see that you fall

The circle is now complete
The loser admits defeat
I'm reading between the lines
And no-one will realize

The circle is now complete
The circle is now complete
The circle
The circle
Turn to spin the wheel
And turn me out to where there's nothing at all

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