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Massive Addictive - Amaranthe lyrics

Amaranthe Song Lyrics

Artist: Amaranthe
Album: Massive Addictive (2014)

Face it
I told you I'm on fire
But I am energized
And won't apologize
I'm digitalized, I'm hypnotized.

No excuse
Break the bonds, a gasp of air
My will is strong
Get out of here my mind is futile
I'm just a statuette
Without a timer set
While I apply my dynamite.

Come on believe me
You can't deny
From the blaze in my eyes
I am hypnotized and
I can achieve it
I will arise
Like the fire in the sky
I am dynamite.

Face me, I belong in the fire
And I am synchronized
I have been optimized
I'm crystallized
I'm liquefied yea.

Light the fuse, see the sign
Unbalanced heart
I'm in my prime
Get out of here while there is still time
I'm reaching overload
I'm going right on top
While you abide my dynamite.

Tell me command me
I'd walk through fire and stone if you want me
And no one can stop it
If you want it
I can achieve it if only you ask me
You better believe.


Massive Addictive lyrics Artist: Amaranthe
Album: Massive Addictive
Release: (2014)


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