Andrew Bird Song Lyrics - Cracking Codes
Cracking Codes by Andrew Bird

My Finest Work Yet lyrics

Cracking Codes lyrics

Artist: Andrew Bird
Album: My Finest Work Yet (2019)


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You just have to look into my eyes
You don't need a secret code
No need to play at being spies
And though I may speak to you in tongues
We don't need rosetta stone
To know how this song is sung
And that what I say is true
Yeah, it's true
True, oh, yeah...

And I know that what I say just sounds absurd
But you can read between the lines
And you can savor every word
There'll be times when you are stammering through tears
So long they're not from crocodiles
It will be music to my ears
To your ears, to my ears
Because what you say is true
Yeah, it's true.

'cause what I say is.

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My Finest Work Yet lyrics Artist: Andrew Bird
Album: My Finest Work Yet
Song: Cracking Codes
Release: (2019)
  Cracking Codes

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