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At Now by Anna Nalick

At Now lyrics

At Now lyrics

Artist: Anna Nalick
Album: At Now (2017)


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I've run races
Straight like laces
My left writes rhymes
When it's all wrong in my right mind
My left don't know
Where my right goes
Or soul out window blows
Ego shows up apropos though.

Head like driving range
I say I can change
It just tells me I'm lying
Bullets through my brain
You should hear how
They shoot me down when I'm trying.

So this is where you're at now
Lost your man and your big house
So you can sit at your piano twenty hours a day
And write a thousand words out of fear you've got nothing to say
But I wanna get some
Have fun while I'm still young
Shotgun in the old flesh-bag tonight
Cry about it, I'm gonna have the time of your life
Your life, your life.

Hubris loses me
Sleep and true love seeps
Through the cracks in the walls
It says I'm too far gone
Crossed the rubicon
On the way to the ball.

This is where you're at now
Epsom salt in the bathtub
'cause that seven o'clock walk left you cold
And the tums don't work, cotton candy vomit in the bowl
And the night sits
On the water like an oil slick
Around island breasts still swollen high
Over burning lungs. did you have the time of my life?
My life, my life.

And I said
Please don't leave me alone
I'm high filling my young lungs
Locked in my new car
Please don't leave me alone
I'm high, telephones and angels
Send me a new heart.

And this is where I'm at now
On my knees in the back row
Anthropomorphizing love
That is who is what is what I've always know
So my left can
Hold hand hands with my right and
Skyrocket cross-sections first
Into creation's ceiling and bust it open and find god
Who'll say I don't need a clever rhyme
To believe in love that'll last forever and I
Don't need a ploy or a body or bottle
To knit a good man with honor and still 'how's your father'
And this 'my'
This 'I', this 'self' will die
It's not really mine
But I will show it beauty
While I have the hands and heart and lips and eyes
And mind
That knows time is only manmade
But while I am man
I won't be wasting mine
We're one love
And one strife
And I'm gonna have the time of my life
My life, it's my life.

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At Now lyrics Artist: Anna Nalick
Album: At Now
Song: At Now
Release: (2017)
  At Now

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