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January by As It Is

Blenheim Place lyrics

January lyrics

Artist: As It Is
EP: Blenheim Place (2013)


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We saw our breath under the streetlights on the coastline
But we were warm with cheap coats on and the glow in our eyes
Anybody with half their mind would've kept warm inside
But we're young and have a point to prove, so let's do this in style.

There's half a trillion pebbles on brighton beach
And tonight they are the stage on which we sing
We will all sing.

Yeah, it's freezing outside, but fuck it, we don't mind.

It's been seven hours since they switched the lights off on the pier
But we've been doing alright with the starlight as our chandelier.

We met the waves at the edge of the sea
And staring out into the water, we will sing
We will all sing.

The bitter cold cuts like a knife on january nights.

Nothing has a value when all time is in suspension
So in this moment, we're historic and rich with good intentions.

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Blenheim Place lyrics Artist: As It Is
EP: Blenheim Place
Song: January
Release: (2013)

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