Austin Mahone Song Lyrics - Subway Song
Subway Song by Austin Mahone
Austin Mahone lyrics

Subway Song lyrics

Artist: Austin Mahone

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Open the door and I walk up inside
Take off my shades and I get in the line
I'll take a footlong, double ham, double cheese
'Would you like it toasted?' 'oh yes freakin' please!'

Timer's set for a minute, I'm getting concerned
I yell out, 'yo homie, my subs gonna burn!'

(Sub's gonna burn)
(Do you wanna go faster!? yeah!)

Let's go!

My sub comes out golden. 'would you like any veggies?'
I yell with disgust, 'does it look like I'm heavy?'
(No no no)
I just want mayo and not too much
And if you're not careful you'll be wearing my lunch!

(Ohh yeahh) yo!

(Let's turn things up a little louder!)
(Here we go here we go!)

'That's $5.41 please!' I hand her my card
Sent from mahomies cause they love me so hard!
I pay then I'm out cause I wanna get home
I hop in my ride and then I tweet from my phone

Uhh. yee. we'll do this next week
(How long can I wait for you?)
Nsd [x2]
(How long can I wait for you?)
Nsd [x3]

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