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Changed - Song Lyrics - by Bazzi

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Cosmic - Bazzi lyrics

Bazzi Song Lyrics

Artist: Bazzi
Album: Cosmic (2018)

I think I'm going through withdrawals
Starin' at her number, I won't call
Yeah, and even though it's all your fault
You the one I run to by default
I'm thinking all about the things you said
That shit is on repeat inside my head
Makin' me feel like a fool
Every sacrifice I made for you
For you, yeah...

Starting over is hard to do
'cause starting over is without you
Alright, I can't keep pretending I'm fine
Fine, yeah...

Do you think about me?
Can you live without me?
Baby, when they doubt me
Tell me, do you doubt me?
Yeah, and even though this shit is all your fault
Baby, when they call
Silence to 'em all.

'cause these women want to see me fall, yeah...
They don't know me like you do
Yeah, I'm just an object they can use
I'm not out here playing games
I do this for the music, not the fame
So don't you say that I'm the same
'cause I'm the only thing that hasn't changed

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Cosmic lyrics Artist: Bazzi
Album: Cosmic
Song: Changed
Release: (2018)


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