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FTC - Song Lyrics - by Bazzi

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Bazzi lyrics

Bazzi Song Lyrics

Artist: Bazzi

Hair done up high, dress too damn nice
Tell me what is a man suppose to do?
With that gucci black dress and pearls around your neck
Thinking 'bout how they would look up on my floor
So by any little chance you want to take a chance
We could close up our tab, hit the road
Baby, let's go.

Girl, fuck that club (fuck that club)
Leave it with me (leave with me)
'cause you look too fine to be waiting in line
Just to hear the same song a thousand times
The same old pickup lines.

Girl, fuck that club (fuck that club)
Leave it with me (leave with me)
'cause you look too good to be misunderstood
'cause the music is turned up way too loud
Can you hear me now?
Fuck this club.

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