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Silas by Betty Who
Betty Who lyrics

Silas lyrics

Artist: Betty Who

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Silas says he'll take me far away
You can tell he means it by the look on his face
Run until the hurt and open road is far behind us, my silas.

Silas says my name like it's a prayer
A quiet reverence hanging in the air
And as for demons running round my mind
You'll never find us, my silas.

How could I deserve him when I could never earn him?
All that I can see is how kind he is to me.

On the nights I cried til I can't breathe
Silas stays with me until I sleep
Hands that hold my heart so tenderly
Could never bind us, my silas.

I'm hopelessly romantic
And hopefully he can stand it
All that I can know
Is I never want to let him go.

Silas will be back for me one day.

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