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Mouth Mantra by Björk

Vulnicura lyrics

Mouth Mantra lyrics

Artist: Björk
Album: Vulnicura (2015)

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My throat was stuffed
My mouth was sewn up
Banned from making noise
I was not heard.

Remove this hindrance
My throat feels stuck
I was not allowed
I was not heard.

There is vocal sadness
I was separated
From what I can do
What I'm capable of.

Need to break up
Vicious habits
Do something
I haven't done before.

In vow of silence
Explore the negative space
Around my mouth
It implodes
Black hole
With jaw fallen in
In fallen jaw
Jaw fallen in
I am not hurt.

This tunnel has enabled
Thousands of sounds
I thank this trunk
Noise pipe.

I have followed a path
That took sacrifices
Now I sacrifice this scar
Can you cut it off.

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Home > Björk > Mouth Mantra

Vulnicura lyrics Artist: Björk
Album: Vulnicura
Song: Mouth Mantra
Release: (2015)
  Mouth Mantra

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