Björk Song Lyrics - My Juvenile
My Juvenile by Björk

Volta lyrics

My Juvenile lyrics

Artist: Björk
Album: Volta (2007)


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Down the corridor
I send warmth
I send warmth.

Down the staircase
I send warmth
I send warmth.

Thank you for, again
To get to be able
To send warmth
To send warmth.

Perhaps I set you too free
Too fast
Too young.

But the intentions were pure
But the intentions were pure.

[X3] my juvenile
I truly say
You are my biggest love.

I clumsily try to free you from me
One last embrace
To tie a sacred ribbon.

[X3] this is an offer to better the last let-go.

The intentions were pure.

My juvenile.

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Volta lyrics Artist: Björk
Album: Volta
Song: My Juvenile
Release: (2007)
  My Juvenile

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