Blue October Song Lyrics - Blue Sunshine
Blue Sunshine by Blue October

The Answers lyrics

Blue Sunshine lyrics

Artist: Blue October
Album: The Answers (1998)


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I see your heart beat through the bedsheets
I feel your pulse against the floor
I sleep the sadness that no one else sleeps
Feel me cunningly adore

As the tic tock clock lies goldilocks
What a sick enchanted view
Of the white blot sin that we all began
Not the girl that I once knew

Blue sunshine
I've got no vacancies
At the top of the clock was jesus spying on me
I spoke of friends
Point me which direction
I tried a bribe of when I die but swore he never mentioned.

I kicked and screamed
It's simple, you must sing
The day I take you, you'll be sleeping
You won't feel a thing
...a thing.

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The Answers lyrics Artist: Blue October
Album: The Answers
Song: Blue Sunshine
Release: (1998)
  Blue Sunshine

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