Blue October Song Lyrics - My Never
My Never by Blue October

Approaching Normal lyrics

My Never lyrics

Artist: Blue October
Album: Approaching Normal (2009)


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Will you think of me,
In time?
It's never my luck,
So nevermind.
I wanna say your name,
But the pain starts
It's never my luck,
So nevermind.

I had a dream that you were with me,
And it wasn't my fault,
You roll me over,
Flipped me over,
Like a somersault.
And that doesn't happen to me
I've never been here before
I saw forever in my never,
And I stood outside her

Will you wait for me,
In time,
It's never my luck,
So never mind.
And yeah I've lost a lot of what I never expect to ever return
I tend to push 'em 'til the pushing's turned from hurting to burn,
I always take them to that place they always wanted to go,
Then end up dancing 'round
This clown commands,
Applause at a show...


And I could only dream of you and sleep,
But I never see sunlight again,
I can try to be with you, but some how I'll end up just losing a friend,
And I can only reach for you
Relate to you,
I'm losing my friend...
Where did she go?


Will you let me into your heaven?

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Approaching Normal lyrics Artist: Blue October
Album: Approaching Normal
Song: My Never
Release: (2009)
  My Never
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