Brandi Carlile Song Lyrics - Just Kids
Just Kids by Brandi Carlile

Bear Creek lyrics

Just Kids lyrics

Artist: Brandi Carlile
Album: Bear Creek (2012)


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Were we just kids, just starting out
Didn't we know then love was about
Were we just fooling, playing around
Were we ever gonna get out of this town.

Move to seattle, stay up all night
That was when bedtime was our biggest fight.

All in a moment, all in a sound
All in a day's work, we're tumbling down
Down by the old school, trash in the street
Searching the eyes of the strangers we meet
Asking will it get better?
Will we be alone?
Turning the wheels of our bicycles home.

Over the rainbow, out in the snow
Learning to walk with the sand in our toes
Long to be tall, kissed when you fall
Hopping that someone will come when you call.

You call, you call, you call
You call, you call, you call
You call, you call, you call
You call, you call, you call.

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Bear Creek lyrics Artist: Brandi Carlile
Album: Bear Creek
Song: Just Kids
Release: (2012)
  Just Kids

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