Breaking Benjamin Song Lyrics - Shallow Bay
Shallow Bay by Breaking Benjamin

Saturate lyrics

Shallow Bay lyrics

Artist: Breaking Benjamin
Album: Saturate (2002)


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Come on
The sun will rise
Another time
The colors blind
Your virgin eyes
I'm so inclined
To make you mine
You're out of line
And out of time.

And I float upon a shallow bay
Lift me up until the ground gives way
I'm a california castaway
I don't think you wanna fuck with me
Don't over kill
This painless thrill
It's bitter still
Your pretty pill
You wait until
You've had your fill
I know you will
I know you will.

A shallow bay
A shallow bay.

[Chorus x 2]
You live, you learn
You live, you learn
You live, you learn
You live.

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Saturate lyrics Artist: Breaking Benjamin
Album: Saturate
Song: Shallow Bay
Release: (2002)
  Shallow Bay

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