Breathe Carolina Song Lyrics - Shadows
Shadows - Song Lyrics - by Breathe Carolina

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Savages - Breathe Carolina lyrics

Breathe Carolina Song Lyrics

Artist: Breathe Carolina
Album: Savages (2014)

Your body was the one thing I wanted
You bit your bottom lip, I felt it in my bones
Heart jumps out my chest, I was haunted
I had to shake it off, when can we be alone?

How'd you get me up against the wall?
So I, I never thought that I could take the fall
And now I want it all

[Chorus x2]
Are you shadows in the dark there too
Run my fingers through your hair
'til every part of me is part of you
Now I want it all

Your name on the tip of my tongue tastes
Like smoke and you fuck so incredible
You slip through the cracks fill the dead space
I had you every way, but I woke up alone


[Chorus x2]

All of me is wrapped around you
They will never hold you like I do
A thousand suns will stay and melt
Our shadows into one
Now I want it all

[Chorus x2]

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Savages lyrics Artist: Breathe Carolina
Album: Savages
Song: Shadows
Release: (2014)


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