Brooke Fraser Song Lyrics - New Histories
New Histories by Brooke Fraser

Brutal Romantic lyrics

New Histories lyrics

Artist: Brooke Fraser
Album: Brutal Romantic (2014)


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Blind man on a broken beam
Sharks circling under
Fine frenzies and rosy scenes
I don't know which you are to me.

Time passes for everyone
New histories, same old sun
One flame ignites, another dies
No one gets out of here alive.

And I wait.

I stare at the space you left
It stares back unimpressed
I said I was sorry
Now when will you come home to me
And I wait.

Something's gotta give, oh can't you see
Someone's gonna win eventually
We could write a new history
Oh, let's write our new history.

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Brutal Romantic lyrics Artist: Brooke Fraser
Album: Brutal Romantic
Song: New Histories
Release: (2014)
  New Histories

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