Buckcherry Song Lyrics - Fall
Fall by Buckcherry

Time Bomb lyrics

Fall lyrics

Artist: Buckcherry
Album: Time Bomb (2001)


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Maybe I am lost and complicated, tell me are you sick of it at all, tied down, tore up, threw up, held up, sinking, you take me with you even though your done

Loving you gave me a heart attack, now I'm this long lost soul left with these empty feelings

Now I'll all I want is just to get you back, cause it's a long life babe and I'll be standing here just to see you fall
Are you dealing with a bad connection, broken down from the love we lost, stand out, hold up, back off, roll up, drinking, you take me with you even though your done


A story about revenge

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Time Bomb lyrics Artist: Buckcherry
Album: Time Bomb
Song: Fall
Release: (2001)

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