Bullet For My Valentine Song Lyrics - End Of Days
End Of Days by Bullet For My Valentine

Scream Aim Fire lyrics

End Of Days lyrics

Artist: Bullet For My Valentine
Album: Scream Aim Fire (2008)


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We're wasting precious time!
The clock is ticking;
Can you hear the countdown?

With every hour!
Give me the power!
I need the strength to carry on!
On and on!

[Pre-chorus (x2)]
No more I care to live!
When I'm just born to die!
(We're all born to die! born to die!)

[Chorus (x2)]
(Never before! never again!)
Behold this travesty!
(Never before! never again!)
Behold adversary!

Befriend my enemies!
My pulse is racing;
I can hear my heart beat!

Is this the last time
You get to be mine!?
I lack the will to carry on!
On and on!

[Pre-chorus x2]
[Chorus x2]

No more sorrow!
No tomorrow!
I never felt alive before!

[Solo - tuck]
[Duet - padget / tuck]

With every hour...
Give me the power...
I need the strength to carry on...
On and on!

[Pre-chorus x4]

To die! [x2]
To die!

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