Bullet For My Valentine Song Lyrics - Witchcraft
Witchcraft by Bullet For My Valentine
Bullet For My Valentine lyrics

Witchcraft lyrics

Artist: Bullet For My Valentine

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It's in your eyes, a colour fade out
Looks like, a new transition
It's starting up, and shaking your ground
Turning your head to see a day calling.

Does it feel like a head to lean on?
A snapshot from where you were born
I'm looking for your hand in the rough
You're caught in the wire
Well I'll lift you up.

Leading on the action
Caught on a cell phone's rays
Bleeding on the sofa, staring at the wayside
He's coming and she knows it, even if she knows why
Footsteps in the hallway, girl, you haven't got time.

You gotta get out
Far far away
You gotta get out
Come away.

Darkness in the bedroom
Maybe she's resting up, maybe she was out late
Just came back from the club, I can't hear her breathing
Something doesn't seem right, healer in the hallway
We're leaving on a set time.

We gotta get out
Come far away
We gotta get out
Go far away.

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