Cage the Elephant Song Lyrics - Spiderhead
Spiderhead by Cage the Elephant

Melophobia lyrics

Spiderhead lyrics

Artist: Cage the Elephant
Album: Melophobia (2013)


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I am the one you left for dead,
(Say you wanted to)
You are the bullet in my head,
And as you stand over my grave,
(Tell me it's okay)
You pause the lips upon my face.

Either I'm in heaven, or I'm in hell,
Am I losing my mind, yeah,
('cause I can't tell)
I've been waiting for answers for way too long,
Seems I'm always waiting around.

Spiders in my head, spiders in my mind,
You may take my eyes, but baby I'm not blind,
It all works out in time,
You know I'm gonna be alright,
You may take my eyes, but baby I'm not blind.

I think your mother wants me dead,
(Say you wanted to)
I am a schizophrenic man,
I wouldn't change you if I could,
(Say you wanted to)
You treat me good, I play it cool.

[Chorus x2]

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Melophobia lyrics Artist: Cage the Elephant
Album: Melophobia
Song: Spiderhead
Release: (2013)

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