Caitlyn Smith Song Lyrics - Rare Bird
Rare Bird - Song Lyrics - by Caitlyn Smith

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Supernova - Caitlyn Smith lyrics

Rare Bird
Caitlyn Smith Song Lyrics

Artist: Caitlyn Smith
Album: Supernova (2020)

You wrap my heart up in a satin silhouette
You whisper words I've never heard and won't forget
Your kiss tastes like nothing else
No, nothing else I've ever known.

You show me colors bright as neon
And you write my name in lights
You pick me up, drive me around to the edge of town
And we get high
You fly right off the screen like a technicolor john wayne
And you take me home.

You're a rare bird, baby
You're a rare bird, ain't you baby?

Your song of summer owns the frequencies
That cut right through my soul
Your poetry and whiskey on the rocks
The first shot, I was sold
I wanna wear your arms around me like a chain of gold.

You're a rare bird, baby
You're a rare bird, ain't you baby?
You're a rare bird, baby, oh yeah...

You're a rare bird, baby
You're a rare bird, ain't you baby, yeah?
Oh, you're a rare bird
Like nothing on this earth
Like nothing I've ever heard
Baby, you're a rare bird
Just wanna lock you in a cage
Don't wanna let you get away
Oh, you're a rare bird, ain't you baby?
Oh-oh-oh, yeah, ain't you baby?
Oh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ain't you baby, mmm?

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Supernova lyrics Artist: Caitlyn Smith
Album: Supernova
Song: Rare Bird
Release: (2020)

  Rare Bird

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