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Perfect Day - Cascada lyrics

Perfect Day
Cascada Song Lyrics

Artist: Cascada
Album: Perfect Day (2007)

I know what it takes
I won't hesitate
Thought I told you not to call
'cause I don't care at all

Here's my point of view
I'm all through with you
Guess, there's nothing left to say
And I'm not gonna wait

'cause I'm alright yeah yeah
And I don't mind yeah yeah
Baby you're no longer creeping in my head
And I'm ok yeah yeah
I'm on my way yeah yeah
And it's time for me to face that perfect day

Yeah yeah

Yeah yeah

Boy you've gone to far
This is who you are
Now your back's against the wall
But I don't care at all

Made me spin around
Now I'm touching ground

Here's the price you have to pay
And I can't hardly wait


Tired of having you around
I don't need you
I won't let you bring me down


Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah


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