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Just Charlie - Charlie Wilson lyrics

Once And Forever
Charlie Wilson Song Lyrics

Artist: Charlie Wilson
Album: Just Charlie (2010)

Everything I need is what you give to me
I think it's time we make it official
Everybody knew right from day one
Won't I give you everything for this love
It's in and out you are so beautiful
Any time feels like it's too long
Try to forget how it used to be
Before you came and made me happy

You know you inspire me to be a better man
Some things are never meant to be
So once and forever
Let's make this last
We have a chance to be
Always together from now on
Right here we belong
Once and forever

Whisper in my ear
Baby talk to me
Everything I hear is brand new
You don't have to wait
Let's make it...
Don' you think it's time
To say I do
I'm open wide
I won't even gonna lie
Never saw it coming
How you make me feeling inside my heart
Before you came along I was half what I should be


Once and forever
My heart is your home
And you will never
Have to be alone
Be alone
You will never have to be alone


Just Charlie lyrics Artist: Charlie Wilson
Album: Just Charlie
Release: (2010)

  Once And Forever

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