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Fizgig by Chevelle
Chevelle lyrics

Fizgig lyrics

Artist: Chevelle

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The glass ain't half full
The clock just struck twelve
Not easy to understand what time ya leave
The last man he probably wondered the same

The past is on the phone
New roads don't pave themselves

Go find your vegetarian
For who am I to doubt
Don't leave a note or feed the cat
And shoes don't fail you now

But I'll never buy

I woke up with nothing left
But an empty look and bitter taste
My line of good judgement just happened to change
That last chance of freedom just suddenly played

Well I never meant you torture
But I didn't care that much

I'll go find my pescetarian
For who are you to doubt
Won't leave a note or steal the cat
And shoes don't fail me now

I'll never buy your bad advice
So full of life and bad and bad

Who are you, ya little devil [x8]

I'll never buy your bad advice
So full of life and bad advice
I'll never buy your bad advice
So full of life and bad and bad

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