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One Lovely Day - Citizen Cope lyrics

A Wonder
Citizen Cope Song Lyrics

Artist: Citizen Cope
Album: One Lovely Day (2012)

It's been 18 months, you stopped smoking cigarettes
And quit the job, put the serpent to bed
Then you moved, played the russian roulette
And now she got the smile, and a skip in her step, and now
It's a fine time just to see your face
It's a fine time, just a touch of shade
It's a fine time just to feel embraced
It's a fine time, such a fine time

[Chorus x2]
A wonder, it would be so nice if I could take you with me tonight
And how, how you add to my quality of life if I can take you with me

I roll dice on a seven, double down on 11
Try to be forgiven for the sins I committed
Wish to include you in my mission
Travel everyday with the lost and the gifted
It would take me to the south of france
Even though I never had a chance
I've gotta go to mexico just to feed my soul
Wish you would come along, come along

[Chorus x2]

One Lovely Day lyrics Artist: Citizen Cope
Album: One Lovely Day
Release: (2012)
  A Wonder

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