Coldplay Song Lyrics - Hypnotised
Hypnotised - Song Lyrics - by Coldplay

Below you can read the song lyrics of Hypnotised by Coldplay, found in EP Kaleidoscope released by Coldplay in 2017. Remember that you can play this song at the right column of this page by clicking on the PLAY button. You can also use the lyrics scroller to sing along with the music and adjust the speed by using the arrows. Press CTRL-D on your keyboard to bookmark this page. Report broken, missing or wrong video to us here and we will fix it.

Kaleidoscope - Coldplay lyrics

Coldplay Song Lyrics

Artist: Coldplay
EP: Kaleidoscope (2017)

Been rusting in the rubble
Running to a faint
Need a brand new coat of paint
I found myself in trouble
Thinking about what ain't
Never gonna be a saint.

Saying float like an eagle
Fall like the rain
Pouring to put out the pain
Oh again and again.

Now I'm hyp, hypnotised
Yeah I trip, when I look in your eyes
Oh I'm hyp, hypnotised
Yeah I slip and I'm mesmerized.

It's easy to be lethal
I'm learning from the news
It's a guidebook for the blues
Saying it's the very same steeple
People want to choose
They just see it from different views.

And threading the needle
Fixing my flame
Oh now I'm moved to exclaim
Oh again and again.

How I'm hyp, hypnotised
Yeah I trip, when I look in your eyes
Oh I'm hyp, hypnotised
Yeah I lift and I'm mesmerized.

Oh again and again
Now I'm hyp, hypnotised
Yeah I lift to a permanent high
Oh I'm hyp, hypnotised
It was dark
Now it's sunrise.

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Kaleidoscope lyrics Artist: Coldplay
EP: Kaleidoscope
Song: Hypnotised
Release: (2017)


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