Conan Gray Song Lyrics - Honeybee
Honeybee - Song Lyrics - by Conan Gray

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Conan Gray lyrics

Conan Gray Song Lyrics

Artist: Conan Gray

I was a glass beach
And you finally found me
After all the waves crushed the ugly
My shores were pretty.

And that is all you see
The pristine and carefree
Not the broken bottles I arranged to make tea.

Not the silent days
I worked in agony
Just so you would come back
To visit me.

Just for you to say
I like the honey, not the honeybee.

Well, I'm the honeybee
Maybe it's from my greed
Please tell me that the things I've done
Make your heart beat.

Pick me up and send me off
To love the ones you seek
Then pull me back and set me down
To crush my little wings.

I'm the honeybee...

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