Conan Gray Song Lyrics - The Other Side
The Other Side - Song Lyrics - by Conan Gray

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Conan Gray lyrics

The Other Side
Conan Gray Song Lyrics

Artist: Conan Gray

I've got tired eyes, a black sky
Making it's home under my lash line
You keep on crying, babe I don't mind
I keep on staring at the clock tryna pass time.

In my life, it flies by
Faster than you could say 'I love you, goodbye'.

'It's almost over', you say with a sigh
Will our lives be better when we make it to the other side?
Hope we make it to the other side.

Eighteen, prom queen
We spend our time thinking 'bout what we'll be doing
We walk quiet streets, not afraid of the sounds
Nothing bad ever happens in this town.

Mean dreams, can't sleep
Younger me thought this'd be more bittersweet
But we never noticed how long I'd been
Got too caught up in the life we're living
Hope we make it to the other side.

And I hope, I hope
All of our homes have white fences
I hope, I hope
Our smiles are wider than theirs is
I hope, I hope
All of our dreams are kept fragrant
And I'll meet you on the pavement
When we make it to the other side
Hope we make it to the other side.

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