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Conan Gray lyrics

YouTube Is Changing
Conan Gray Song Lyrics

Artist: Conan Gray

I was browsing through youtube the other day
I saw that youtube was changing
In a good way?

All these kids are really hot and make lots of money
But I'm just a flop who's not that funny
I try really hard to fit the expectations
When did it get like this?

When I first started youtube everything was good
Just tons of stupid videos that people made on the loo
(Remember 'sittin' on tha toilet'? yeah)

People made videos and just didn't care
About the public side, 'cause the content was there
We laughed at mistakes in our oddly fun lives
And the fan girls came in
And we shot to the skies.

As time passed by people got really famous
Producers rolled in, in their white mercedes
Youtubers changed now their making a livin'
But something just isn't right.

It's almost as if we want a physical perfection
And forgot about the things that made us giggle in our bedrooms
Youtubers shoved themselves in tiny molds
And now are no longer rewarded for being off on their own.

And I'm not saying you should be real bored
I look up to the ones who've gone from rags to world tours
Just wish we could go back to the time when we were
Just a little more real.

So you can go off and do your cinnamon challenge
And I'll laugh really hard as you cough up your nasal passage
Yeah I'm just a kid tryna poke a little fun
I really like the big shots and I wish I could be one.

Yeah I'm not a cool kid
I probably make you drool
I sit in my bedroom and act like a fool
But that's what makes me happy
And probably you
And that's why it's called youtube change
And hopefully for the good.

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Home > Conan Gray > YouTube Is Changing

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