Conor Oberst

The Reason I Exist

He walks slow, he walks slower then me
He gets angry when you tell him that he talks, he talks faster then me
He doesn't notice when he says nothing at all
You're a real machine when it comes to saying things that you don't mean
Do you mean? cause I can't tell at all.

This conversations ended cause I'd rather be alone
Then to hear your fucking torture as it spills out of your throat
How many times we tried it, I guess I just lost track
Tell all your friends I'm bitter, I don't care just don't come back
Just don't come back, just don't come back
I gave up a long time ago the thought that you could ever talk to me
In a tone of voice that doesn't make me feel like I am three
Like I am three years old as you explain exactly what I've done
Or what you thought I did,

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