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Sudden Sky - Crown the Empire lyrics

Crown the Empire Song Lyrics

Artist: Crown the Empire
Album: Sudden Sky (2019)

What am I afraid of?
The unknown? things I can't control?
Am I afraid to say it out loud
When it's easier to just wade in the comfort of a crowd?
How many times can I refresh the same page
Before I realize that I'll just get the same outcome?
Why do I ignore fires burning in the corners of my life
Until the flames are about to engulf me?
I feel like I've dulled myself through distance and distractions
While I keep staring at the same unanswered questions hanging over my head everyday.
When I try to answer them I realize how I thought I'd be set free,
But instead I found I was just illuminating how little I actually knew about myself.
I'm here right now, and so are you...
I might be gone tomorrow, and so may you...
This is sudden sky...

Sudden Sky lyrics Artist: Crown the Empire
Album: Sudden Sky
Release: (2019)


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