Cutting Crew

Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

What colour is your army, is it red or is it green?
Is it full of fundamentalists with loaded magazines?
Or are you preaching charity from fancy limousines?
I've lost the plot...

What colour is your flag today? it changes every year
Does it stand for cornucopia or politics of fear?
'cos I'm gun shy, gun shy, gun shy
And I've lost the plot...

What's a holy war? and who's keepin' score?
Isn't god your own invention
My mind's made up, I'm gonna keep my head down
Buried in the sand
Your guess is as good as mine.

What colour is your party, is it black or is it blue?
I've bought your manifestoes but I'm still without a clue
You're asking me to cast a vote of confidence in you
I've lost the plot...

There's a party on the left, there's a party on the right
And I've got my invitation
But the food's all cold and the band's too old
They're just not playin' my kind of music!
Play on...
Your guess is as good as mine.

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