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For All The Dogs - Drake lyrics

Calling For You
Drake Song Lyrics

Artist: Drake
Album: For All The Dogs (2023)


I was in the club 'fore she even had it
She was twenty-one, I don't see a savage
She wanna be the one, she know I'm comin' static
She wanna hold the gun, if you want it, you can have it
Shawty still young, so she don't know the classics
I see her body, one-of-one, yeah...
I see her body, one-of-one
Get to the crib, make you cum
Pussy sweet, call you my honeybun (tss)
I know your nigga was a bum
Fuck on the crodie, have some fun
Girl, I'm the king of my city, I'm the one (tss)
Swear you can really have me, you really one-of-one (tss)
How you so nasty? you really one-of-one (tss)
How you so flashy? you really one-of-one (tss)
Out in miami, you still a one-of-one (tss)
I wanna beat on the pussy 'til the sun come up
You fucked on a nigga I see is my son, so what?
Yeah, I was in the club, but I was in the cut
Had liquor in my cup, had passion in my cup
And addy in my system, see a opp, I'ma hit 'em up
Yeah, he gon' be a victim, I was tryna dance with the bitch
Couldn't keep my hands off her hips
Know she spent some bands on her fit
Know I told you that she really one-on-one
Cro', yeah, she advanced with the shit
And I got a chance with the bitch
Loverboy, romance with the bitch
Couldn't even put my mans on a bitch
Like, damn.

Callin', callin' for you
Callin' for you, callin' for you
Callin' for you
Need you to guide my eyes, feel it on me
Needin' you to hold me
'til the inevitable
It was on my mind, felt it on me.

Ah, he lied to me
Yo, he lied to me
Like I didn't give a fuck that we sat in economy
I gave a fuck 'cause he said the economy was full
It was not full
He said, 'economy wasó'
He said, 'there was no first class, so we're sitting in economy'
I get up on that plane
I see so many seats in first class
Twelve, fourteen seats
I sat in the back of the plane
Fucking crazy
And then, I go on that wack-ass vacation
The chef is feeding us the same meal every day like I was in jail still or something
I'm like, 'why are we eating jerk chicken and oxtail every single day, can we switch it up?'
No, the oxtail was fire though, but can we switch it up?
I can't eat that shit every day, what?
And then you proceed to go through my phone
You wanted to cry
You were lookin' for something
That's on you, it's on you
Sorry for your loss.

Woah, woah...
Fuck nigga wanna get fired on (21)
Starch a nigga up, put the iron on him (21)
Plenty niggas dyin' over that way (yeah)
Quick to leave a opp in the ashtray (pussy)
Keep a .19 like I'm mac dre (21)
Make a nigga mama have a bad day (21)
21 gang 4l, these niggas gon' tell
I ain't goin' back and forth on deals (on god)
I ain't goin' back and forth, send shells (on god)
I ain't goin' back and forth, nigga, spin (fah)
Put a college bitch in a benz (21)
Put her in the benz, no note (21)
Hit 'em from the car, no scope (21)
We don't never tie, we score (on god)
She suck on my neck like she dracula (yeah)
Hit from the back, I might tackle her (yeah)
Don't ask 'bout my opps 'cause we smackin' 'em (yeah)
Fuck my opps, they haters (pussy)
Fuck my opps, they hoes (pussy)
The bitches that come around suck dick and don't pull they phone out, dem ones pros (on god)
Bitch, if you love me, then spoil me (21)
I treat the rap game like a toilet (on god)
All of my kids get left in her mouth, she say she don't believe in abortions (21)
Oh, you ain't got you a boyfriend? (21)
I see he be on his dork shit (21)
Nah, I ain't judgin', but they in the nosebleeds
You know I be on my court shit (facts)

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