Eric Church Song Lyrics - Hippie Radio
Hippie Radio by Eric Church

Desperate Man lyrics

Hippie Radio lyrics

Artist: Eric Church
Album: Desperate Man (2018)


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My daddy had a pontiac on the beige-er side of yellow
He was a young man then and I was a little fella
I'd play in that bench back seat and listen to the songs get sung
He couldn't carry a tune in a bucket but he'd sing at the top of his lungs.

Carry on my wayward son on the hippie radio
Songs about the flower babies and the birth of rock and roll
And I was a band, I would stand and we'd bounce down the road
A boy and his dad in a pontiac with that hippie radio.

Can't' remember if it was seventeen, maybe eighteen is right
But I'll never forget those baby blues and the glow of that dashboard light
I'd won her heart the week before and it was hot right from the start
I busted her brother billy's mouth for makin' fun of my car.

It was white wedding and rebel yell on the hippie radio
I was a werewolf in london, and she was lady marmalade's soul
And I'd crank the band, take her hand and we'd pull off back a road
A boy and his girl in a pontiac, and the hippie radio.

Four years and seven days from tying cans to the bumper
I was pacing a maternity floor, my flower baby was a mother
My hands were shaking as we were leaving, taking our boy home
My heart was full and in my head I could hear a long, long song.

Cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon on the hippie radio
A-b-c, 1-2-3, don't blink or he'll be gone
And I took her hand and she just smiled with a look that said 'I know'
A boy and his dad and a boy and his girl in a pontiac
And the hippie radio.

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Desperate Man lyrics Artist: Eric Church
Album: Desperate Man
Song: Hippie Radio
Release: (2018)
  Hippie Radio

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