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Master Pretender by First Aid Kit

Stay Gold lyrics

Master Pretender lyrics

Artist: First Aid Kit
Album: Stay Gold (2014)


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Never thought that I was weak
Always thought I could get hurt pretty bad
Still get up on my own two feet.

I always believed that I was free
That I had some sense of integrity
That would rise above whatever tried to change me.

But honey, now I won't wait
For something to bring me round and smile
'cause that only sticks for a while
Then I'm back again.

Oh, I'm a master pretender.

I always knew that I was young
But with a head held high and a sharp tongue
I could fool almost anyone.

I never expected to be struck
By the fatal hands of fortune or by sheer bad luck.

Now we won't change
And memories just rearrange
And fall into place
So I'm back again.

Oh, I'm a master pretender.

All the streets of new york city
Sure look pretty from way up here
And I was headed home, just felt more alone
The further I'd go.

I always thought that you'd be here
But shit gets fucked up and people just disappear.

So honey, now, don't be mad
Time has told me it can't be that bad
And if it is, well, I'll be goddamn
But I'll stick around.

I'll be your master defender
Yeah, I'll stick around
I'll be your master defender.

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Stay Gold lyrics Artist: First Aid Kit
Album: Stay Gold
Song: Master Pretender
Release: (2014)
  Master Pretender

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