Foster The People Song Lyrics - Downtown
Downtown - Song Lyrics - by Foster The People

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Foster The People lyrics

Foster The People Song Lyrics

Artist: Foster The People

Hey turn around man I'm gonna take you downtown
You wanna grab the sac go ahead and do it
My fear and doubt is set in place by a lie
I glorify you that's the only way of life yeah

I take the shake and slowly surely dissipating
You're the wrinkles on my face, they will run my old age
I try to understand you throwing men away
All your talent down the drain, and it just makes perfect sense

When I look you in the eyes it takes me right back
Yeah your future helps me move on from my dark past
Don't give in,
It's not real,
You don't have a choice,
Choose to feel!

Your words insane that old me if I was left brained
I could understand all your phony logic
I was indifferent I saw the first time come on back
Come on back, come on back, to be in your life

And then it's hard when the local keeps on moving
Got some money and some change, just to wait for my train

I try to stop me now I'm locked and engaged
Come on back, come on back, come on back and leave your pain

When I look you in the eyes it takes me right back
Yeah your future has me move on from my darkness
Don't give in
It's not real
You don't have a choice
Choose to feel

We found you laying in your hotel room
With your bible tied up because you were up to no good
You started shaking, you were in your bed
Doing everything we could, just hoping that your not dead
We dragged you out and threw you into our car
Pushed the pedal to the floor and drove to the hospital yard
They brought you in and told us both to wait
I was praying to myself, it's not to late

There are consequences (for your actions)
There are consequences (it's real life)
There are consequences (you can't escape from them)
There are consequences

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