Gerry Cinnamon Song Lyrics - War Song Soldier
War Song Soldier - Song Lyrics - by Gerry Cinnamon

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The Bonny - Gerry Cinnamon lyrics

War Song Soldier
Gerry Cinnamon Song Lyrics

Artist: Gerry Cinnamon
Album: The Bonny (2020)

I can start me a war
Be a war song soldier
I can stand on my head
I can walk on water
Haven't even begun
If you wanna talk evil
Now my mouth is a gun
Ima let my words rain down
Like flames on cardboard
Gangster fools who
Wave their tools in
Pictures on their wall.

I could write a song and pretend it's worth my time
Shake guitars, through smoke-rings framed by candlelight
Memories so perfect liquid fills your eyes
Written down on paper and burned inside my mind.


Every night we hide
Between my dreams and rhymes
Risk it all to taste your fever one more time
Cut my heart and leave you enough to kill your pain
Proof enough that love must always be in vain.


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The Bonny lyrics Artist: Gerry Cinnamon
Album: The Bonny
Song: War Song Soldier
Release: (2020)

  War Song Soldier

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