Girlicious Song Lyrics - Sorry Mama
Sorry Mama by Girlicious

Rebuilt lyrics

Sorry Mama lyrics

Artist: Girlicious
Album: Rebuilt (2010)


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I never been good at keeping my promises
And I never said that I was gonna be an angel for ya
I like to do all my dirt at night
I like to stay out until the sun is rising
Nee you to understand, hear me out

Listen mama don't you worry
I'm so sorry
But I wanted you to hear it from me
Mama, I'm so sorry
I like to party
I just wanted you to hear it from me

Mama [repeated]

What my mama don't know [repeated]

Ohh I'm such a .....

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Rebuilt lyrics Artist: Girlicious
Album: Rebuilt
Song: Sorry Mama
Release: (2010)
  Sorry Mama

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