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Horse Tears by Goldfrapp

Felt Mountain lyrics

Horse Tears lyrics

Artist: Goldfrapp
Album: Felt Mountain (2000)


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Night has fallen
Mute and cold
My horse is crying

But you know there is time
But you know there is time
But you'll never learn
Keep you safe

Dare to come
But you love me still
But you'll never learn
Tears to come

You've dammed me
But you're the one
That you're forever
And they stare

But you know
That there's strength
And you love a knight
Who stewed out those tears

Years to come
But you love the tears
And you love the tears
Still love the tears

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Felt Mountain lyrics Artist: Goldfrapp
Album: Felt Mountain
Song: Horse Tears
Release: (2000)
  Horse Tears

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