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Soma Holiday - Greenwheel lyrics

Greenwheel Song Lyrics

Artist: Greenwheel
Album: Soma Holiday (2002)

Broken down, this place seems to have no face
There's no one moving forward now they're just drowning in it all
Walking around in circles with a never changing view
As hopeless as this seems there's a reason for everything
Trust me I know
I've been the same places and seen the same faces that come and go
You're left wondering now
Can you resist somehow
But you've fallen behind again
Not knowing where you've been
Just where did you begin
And again, your faces blank like they've always been
Ignoring everything that matters just following behind
Always pointing fingers now, no you're never the one to blame
I know you don't want to feel responsible for all that is real
Trust me I know


Soma Holiday lyrics Artist: Greenwheel
Album: Soma Holiday
Release: (2002)


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Soma Holiday (2002)

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