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James Arthur lyrics

I Unproudly Present
James Arthur Song Lyrics

Artist: James Arthur

Ladies and gentlemen
I unproudly present to you... me
Set the scene
I wear a sober look
'cause I just don't give a damn
About how I reflect
Myself I don't respect
A disappointing part
Is what I've played so far
And for the next few moments
You will witness components
Swing the wrecking ball
And surely I will fall
I... surely I must fall.

He was the son to a whore
She never wanted him at all
It left a homeless mess
This I must confess
I cried myself to sleep
My sister's pictures beside me
What do they think of me
They think I'm violent and mean
'cause that's what that bitch said
Maybe she'll care when I'm dead
Maybe she'll care when I'm...

I went to school today
I got kicked out straight away
'cause I can't concentrate
'cause when the bell goes at the gates
My fake family
Is here to take me home safely
But I don't wanna go
'cause all the foster boys hate me
Maybe I'll run away
I still run to this day
And I am 21
I'm still wearing this frown
Who do you trust these days
They all knife you anyway.

What's a backstab between friends? [x8]

And to my latest love
I really hate that you're gone
And every nightmare I have
The pain grows so strong
I invite you here
To see me sing, the veins around my neck
In hopes you'll see, what you used to adore.

You were supposed to love me... [x16]

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Home > James Arthur > I Unproudly Present

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