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Wild Cookie by Jill Scott

Woman lyrics

Wild Cookie lyrics

Artist: Jill Scott
Album: Woman (2015)


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Hear ye hear ye
Anybody that can listen
Come listen
Having faith in the rest of you
Will be an amazing
An ego-reshapening
A pride shifting
And a cure to the wild cookie
Now, wild cookie choices lead to lonely pregnancy
And anybody that knows
Knows that ain't all it could be
Scuffling to make sense out of his missing presence
In the current tense
When the romance is gone
Just paper and pen
Infant and journal tear
Private and public embarrassment
The demise of a dreamer's dream
A girl not so unlike me
Sick with some shit that just shouldn't be
Cause her desire to be desired and his way would pee pee
Oh, wild cookie
Stop now, count your blessins
All these kids and the systems don't know where they are
Cause their momma and daddy done lef'em
It's a pandemic
Just the other day
My girlfriend said she was watching tv
And her wild cookie detached from it's seat
And was strolling down a hundred twenty fifth yelling
'somebody, anybody
Come get me!!'
She caught her wild cookie in between two parked cars
With a foolish man enticing it with a candy bar
Nameless prick
Attached to some guy who just wanted to escape his troubles for a bit
She cried aww cookie, you got to work wit me
You can't rule my world
You don't have no brain
You ain't meant to lead
You mean...
I mean you can get a couple of things
But things are things
And I deserve to feel my heart ring
Come on in the house
Come on now, wild cookie
Let's listen to jill sing.

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Woman lyrics Artist: Jill Scott
Album: Woman
Song: Wild Cookie
Release: (2015)
  Wild Cookie

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