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Heart And Soul
Jonas Brothers Song Lyrics

Artist: Jonas Brothers


Gather 'round, guys, it's time to start listenin'
Practice makes perfect, but perfect's not workin'
There's a lot more to music
Than knowing where your cue's gonna be
You can play all the right notes
But that don't mean you're movin' me.

[Shane, jason, nate]
But if you can jump like david lee roth
Or pump your fist like you're bruce the boss.

If you got heart and soul.

[Shane, jason, nate]
You can rock 'n' roll.

Rock 'n' roll.

[Shane, jason, nate]
Strum it, drum it, slide across and run it
The stage is your home if you learn how to own it
Like the greats did
There's no way that you can fake it
You've gotta feel the beat before you can move
Even though you're not wearin' blue suede shoes
And makin' mistakes, well, that won't matter
If you can swagger like ol' mick jagger.

If you've got heart and soul
You can rock 'n' roll
You can rock 'n' roll.

Woo, solo...

[Shane, jason, nate]
If you live and you die for the music inside
If the one-four-five never gets old
Then you can rock 'n' roll
Rock 'n' roll.

Alright, now, take it low
Now, I need the spotlight to hit me right here
As the crowd starts to cheer
I need the fan to blow right through my rockstar hair
Right here.

If you can scream like axl rose
Or sing like christina show after show
If you've got heart and soul
You can rock 'n' roll, yeah...

If you've got heart and soul
You can rock 'n' roll.

[Nate, shane]
You can rock 'n' roll
Ooh, yeah...
Ooh-ooh (rock 'n' roll), yeah...
You can rock 'n' roll.

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